Largest Restaurant & Best Price in Winchester Area! Chinese, Japanese & American Cuisine Restaurant.14 Buffet Bars & Over 20,000 SQ/FT Space! Serving Beer & Wine. Get coupons for all day buffet

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet

  • The Largest & Most Elegant Chinese, Japanese & American Cuisine Restaurant
  • 14 Buffet Bars & Over 20,000 SQ/FT Space!
  • Serving Beer & Wine
  • We Welcome Large Parties. Please Call for Advance Reservations(We have two huge private rooms available for birthday parties, office meetings, & weddings)

Largest & Best Price Buffet in Winchester Area!

  • Lunch Buffet - 11am - 3:20pm
  • Dinner Buffet - 3:20pm - 10pm
  • Sunday Dinner All Day - Includes Sushi & Hibachi
  • We Serve Wine & Beer

We Open

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day



Charity G.

I only came here to get sushi rolls, after I'd come from the gym. Service was always good and the rolls were always delicious! Every time I'm in the area visiting, I come to hibachi to get sushi!


Jessica C.

We went here yesterday, the food must have been prepared way in advance because it was old. They increased the buffet yesterday to 13.99 for adults and 7.99 for children. There are a few thing that taste good here, but not worth the price. It was busy and they still didn't manage to put fresh food out. We go to a buffet in Frederick MD that puts this place to shame. And is 10.99 for Sunday Dinner and has over 250 items. I can say I won't be eating here again.


Kenny H.

From the unsightly trash around the building to walking in while the hostess was on her phone. The food wasn't good at all.  Not many of the plates were actually fresh. Food made my stomach upset, which never happens to me.  The waiter was very friendly. Before we left the hostess was on her phone with Butt pics, your heard right, butt pics.  She did have a phat ass


Kaitlin C.

You name worst foods this is even worse I've never seen a place nastier more disgusting then this the dirt on the fan was making the ceiling brown it was disgusting


Bruce K.

Six hot tables and one cold table plus a decent array of sushi and a Teppanyaki grill. For Chinese buffet, pretty good with the usual options including black pepper pork, lo mein, dumplings, and a number of other different vegetables and proteins in various sauces. Options for kids too including mac & cheese and pizza.The sushi is where I spent most of my time. There were ten or so plates set up with various rolls and even a hand roll. The sushi was in decent condition though the bowl of wasabi needed some tidying.The rest of the buffet was decently stocked and kept clean.


Benjamin S.

Was one favorite spots when it opened gone down hill since after today I will not return cold over cooked dried  out tasteless food and service was horrible water tasted like chemicals


Drew C.

This place is absolute trash.  HORRIBLE attitudes from all the employees, especially the manager and the sushi chef.  Food was on the low end of mediocre.  Trust me, don't waste your time with this garbage.


Sabrina H.

Hubby decided he wanted hibachi for lunch. Reading the reviews i was skeptical on coming here. We asked a local and he said today it was ok. He admitted it was a hit and miss here as well. Food was okay for lunch. The major exception was the mac n cheese, it was just covered in oil. I know its not traditional fare but something that many have and a basis for me. I didn't eat a ton here but the fresh fruit was also hit and miss. The cantaloupe was soft and flavorful and the honeydew wasn't. The hibachi sauce used was liked by hubby, the main reason we went anyways.Bathrooms were fairly clean, paper towel for one of the dispensers just went out so idk how quickly they refill. Mens room had a couple paper towels but nothing major there either.Lots of individuals in for lunch a little more expensive then stated in prior posts maybe because its Friday. Note the soda is an additional charge.Not a place ill go out of my way to stop again.


Adam B.

This buffet needs to step up its game to survive. I've been to some real nice ones and this was a huge disappointment. The food was very basic and it was either all dried out or swimming in a pool of what I assumed (or hoped to be) water. The decor is okay but the booths and tables show their age. Positive points go to the very friendly service staff and the hibachi cook which made the only edible food I had while there.When in Winchester - skip it and try something else


K G.

The buffet food is not the best. But I do enjoy eating here for the price to get a variety of sushi. It's always been fresh and enjoyable. They have 3 kinds of fried rice and I don't care for any of these.


Rebel H.

The buffet is bland, mushy, and unsanitary. The hibachi grill isn't terrible but I'd much rather spend the extra $ for an actual hibachi steakhouse. My Fiancé and I left both worried about food poisoning from the conditions of the buffet.Update: We both got food poisoning. I wish i could rate 0 stars


Kaitlyn W.

My husband and I were passing through town on December 16th, 2018 around 3:30pm and decided to stop here for lunch. We have been to a lot of similar establishments before and were fully aware of the normal dinning experience. We were not expecting a five star meal, or for every food we tried to wonderful. When we go out we look for good customer service and food that is of good variety and relatively fresh. I'm not one to write reviews, and I usually approach restaurants (especially buffets) with low expectations. That being said, our experience here was absolutely horrible. We sat down for our meal and everything we tasted was terrible, with the exception of the lo mein. Not only was the taste of the different meats bad, but the quality was noticeably poor and the color of the chicken and shrimp was a muted gray and the steak was so thin and tough it could not be cut. We told our waitress to take our plates away because we would not be eating the food. Then I promptly went to the counter to approach the manager with the problems we had experienced. She was very rude and said that we had eaten a lot already and would not be letting us leave without paying. We kindly explained that we did not actually eat the food, rather sent it away once tasting it and discovering the low quality. We asked our waitress to come and verify this seeing as how she has been the one to take the full plates away and had heard our initial complaint. The waitress started yelling in another language and was pointing towards us while doing so. It was clear from tone and body language she was making rude comments about the situation and seemingly denying the chain of events leading up to that point. The manager then addressed us again by telling us that she would not be allowing us to leave without paying, as we had already removed food from the buffet, whether we ate it or not. She still charged us for two full dinner buffets and after some conversation she rudely announced she would only take off the total price. Rather than fighting further, we just paid and left, feeling sick to our stomachs (because of the confrontation AND the horrible food). Thankfully we are transients and will not ever be returning to this establishment. This review is a warning to others who may venture into the area with the same idea as we had. STAY AWAY. I wish I could give 0 stars.


Michael O.

Solid 3 stars. Large selection of Chinese and non-Chinese (pizza, Mac and cheese, sausage, mashed potatoes, etc.). Nothing was particularly great. Nothing was particularly bad. I did not try the hibachi. If I go back, I'll try that and update my review accordingly. The "hibachi chicken" in the buffet was by far the best. Many of the items were WAY too sweet for me. The fried dumpling was greasy but okay in flavor. The pork bun lacked flavor and was a bit dried out. But I didn't come here for dim sum. You'd get pretty full just tasting a bite of each dish. And you probably wouldn't want seconds on many of them. I had to flag down a waiter and ask for a drink refill, despite many servers passing by the empty glass I placed at the edge of the table. I guess they view unfilled drinks as money in the bank. There was a large tour bus leaving when I arrived and another one showed up as I left. Several dishes were kept fresh (hibachi chicken, bourbon chicken, chicken on stick, egg rolls) and other dishes sat old and tired (pork buns, tacos, all the American food). Will I be back? Maybe but, quite honestly, I prefer the buffet across the street. It's WAY better quality though far limited options. I have no need for American food at a Chinese buffet so I can't see myself finding a reason to chose this place over the competition. In short, price was reasonable ( including a Pepsi for lunch). Service wasn't great. Food was mediocre.


Melanie W.

After 10 days of being closed for a "remodel" recently, I decided to give this place another try after putting it on my "list" of where not to eat.  Thinking the remodel would make this place more appealing and the food did not. It doesn't take 10 days to replace carpet.....nothing else changed. The booths are the same, old, torn and need updating!  The walls are still dirty and the entrance has same ole pictures of people eating and skipping out on the bill.  So...I'm getting a plate of food today and notice they are putting out fresh items...great I think... then I watched one of the cooks pick something out of the egg drop soup and put it in the serving dish it came out of instead of throwing it away...but she picked a different item from the same dish that she did throw away.  Are you kidding me?  Manager..."you want me to cook for you?"  The food safety standards in the place are horrible.  I had them cook my food on the hibachi grill once...ONCE and did not eat it.  They put my uncooked food that I carefully picked out and placed it on the dirty part of the grill....when I questioned it, the cook picked up the same food and moved it to the clean part and continued cooking it.  The manager....."you want me to cook for you?"!!  That seems to be his answer for food handling??  I won't even comment on the ice cream...leave that to the imagination! The staff while nice don't seem to understand or speak english and the hostess' are busy on their cell phones at the podium. Be warned, if you like less than fresh food and knowing their standards are not what they should all means, eat here all you want. It's at the top of the list now of banned places to eat in Winchester for my husband and me!


V D.

this place has a huge selection of foods. from sushi, seaweed, hibachi grill, typical chinese dishes like lo mein, orange chicken, chicken with something and more chicken with everything, dessert table with fresh and canned fruits, ice cream, gelatin. there are easily 40+ dishes in this place so it's probably ideal for stuffing yourself with flavor and texture for cheap. just focus on the food because... it's not the cleanest (okay, it looks dirty) and i don't really want to know or see how they prep foods.


Jaleeka F.

Not the worst of the various Chinese buffets out there and it doesn't feature anything that'll classify it the best buffet you've ever been to. However they do have a more varied array of options.


Tracy C.

The food was okay, not much different than any other buffet of this type I have gone to. The issue I had was that while we were there, one of the employees dropped a metal dish back into the hot water that heaps the food warm. It splashed on two customers and unsanitary water was dripping from the buffet hood and lights into the food on the buffet. They started removing the dishes of food but only went half way down. The remaining food on that buffet bar was now contaminated and they just left it there and I watched new customers come in and take food from that buffet. Not one employee said a word. I absolutely will not eat there again. You couldn't pay me enough because if they were fine with that, what goes on in the back?


Ian S.

First time visit, buffet food was pretty good.  It wasn't  AMAZING, but it was tasty and totally worth the 10.99 for all-you-can-eat.However, the habachi is by far some of the best I've had.  The guy behind the grill really knows how to work some magic.  We will be back next time were in the area for sure.


Kim N.

customer service's excellent i been many buffet place compare in here they're friendly and i love the hot and sour soup so yummy ....


Emily G.

Okay, friends: Christmas Day, 2017. Over many hours of travel from North Carolina to Winchester, VA, my brother, nephew and I entertained ourselves with visions of a tasty Chinese Christmas Supper. A reward, if you will, at the end of our long journey. My brother recalled seeing this Chinese buffet during his previous visits to Winchester, and while I know that there are risks inherent to the Chinese buffet situation, I'm an optimist at heart. All hesitation was overruled by fantasies of steamed broccoli and spring rolls. My nephew imagined fresh, life-giving sushi and a cup of hot tea. It was absolutely frigid out, so while brother helped nephew get his coat and shoes on, I waited in the lobby. This gave me a few minutes to take in the atmosphere. Candy machines...fine. Faded and curled photos of seemingly satisfied customers...okay, great. Maybe my picture would be up there someday. Printouts of video surveillance shots of customers who left without paying...hmm...I think I get it...not cool to rip off a mom n' pop Chinese buffet. Next thing you know, we were greeted by a cheerful host in a Santa cap who offered us a booth only steps from the buffet. His smile was contagious. We were off to the buffet smiling and full of hope. Only a few steps into our journey we hit red flag number 1: the goldfish pond, a shallow, stagnant affair whose residents seemed to warn, in bubbles and blinks, "TURN BACK NOW." Undeterred, we reached the buffet and surveyed the offerings. Hmm, eerily similar to the fish pond, as it turned out. I circled each of the six steam tables, eager to come in for a landing. Nothing signaled to me. I circled again. Nothing. Mysterious chunks suspended like biological specimens in formaldehyde baths. I see my brother at the grill. What's this, I ask, empty plate in hand, hope fading. Oh, he says, you can pick your veggies and meats, and they'll hibach them for you, all fresh-like. No funny liquids or mysterious sauces...promise. Friends, if you've read this far and still feel compelled to make your way to the Winchester Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, please note that the grill is an oasis in otherwise uncertain territory: you may not form lifelong relationships there, but I can almost guarantee that you will escape unharmed. I wish the same could be said for the steam table offerings: desiccated beef tacos of dubious provenance, deeply-fried whole fish with cloudy eyes cast upward in expressions of unrelenting disappointment, and just bin after bin of untrustworthy meats suspended in oily liquids.  I channeled my inner Hall & Oates, "I can't go for that, no-ooo. No can do." Brother, nephew, and I reconvened at our saggy vinyl booth to compare notes over a pot of weak tea and toast another holiday adventure. While this is a sad place to find yourself on Christmas day (or any day), my one star goes to the staff who gave cheerful holiday greetings and worked to keep the tables and floors clean throughout our visit.