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  • Lunch Buffet (11am - 3:20pm)
  • Dinner Buffet(3:20pm - 10pm)
  • Sunday All Day Dinner (Includes Sushi & Hibachi)
  • Buffet To-Go Available
  • We Serve Wine & Beer
 Apple balloon

Here is a recipe to follow in picture simply ..Ingredients for 4: 2 puff pastry, 4 apples, sugar, 4 cac Nutella .precheuffe the oven has 180 * .dés all the steps passed, cook 25 min....


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 Banana chocolate pastry

Recipe: I took a puff pastry from Thiriet, put in the center a bar of milk chocolate, a big spoon of Nutella that I spread on the shelf, cut into a banana that I deposited on the entire surface of the tablet ......

 Preparation for the contest

Before preparing for a competition, I will be much less available to make new recipes. I do not let down my blog I will come back in force ..... this new orientation is very important for me, I devote myself these days ......